SleekAI 1.2 Streaming, Assistants and more

The AI toolkit
for WordPress.

Use your OpenAI API key to converse with AI right from your WordPress dashboard or create dynamic chatbots that leverage your site's existing content and data for engaging user interactions.




Developer API

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Engage in limitless conversations with AI through a ChatGPT-like UI directly from your WordPress dashboard.

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Choose from over 150+ prompts or create your own using a smart placeholder system.

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Create dynamic chatbots that leverage your site's existing content and data for engaging user interactions.

          'data' => [
            'variables' => [
              'name'    => wp_get_current_user()->display_name,
              'content' => get_the_content(),
              'brand'   => get_field('brand')
            'instruction' => 'You are a chatbot on my site,
                              the content of the current page is {content}.
                              The brand of the current product is {brand}.
                              Currently, you are chatting with a customer called {name},
                              help him to solve his problem.',

Go beyond the UI and create custom chatbots using code.


With painstaking attention to detail, our two showstopping features are designed to enhance your WordPress experience with the power of artificial intelligence.


Experience the future of communication by engaging in endless, AI-powered conversations through an interface similar to ChatGPT, seamlessly integrated into your WordPress dashboard. Discover the ease of interacting with advanced AI technology right at your fingertips, enhancing your WordPress experience with intelligent, responsive dialogues.

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Design dynamic chatbots that intelligently utilize your website's existing content and data, fostering engaging and meaningful interactions with users. This feature enables you to transform your site's information into interactive, responsive conversations, enhancing user engagement and experience.

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Next stops
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We are just getting started. Below is a preview of all the next features landing in the coming months. Got a feature request? Let us know.

    Prompts  ✅

    Chatbots  ✅

    Streaming  ✅

    OpenAI Assistants  ✅

    Vision mode

    Image generation

    Talk to PDF

    Multi-user conversations

    Shareable conversations

    Web browsing & crawling

    Gutenberg integration

    Automatic content engine

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SleekAI is a WordPress plugin that integrates advanced language model services, like those offered by OpenAI, into your WordPress admin dashboard. The plugin enables seamless communication between your WordPress site and language models.


To use SleekAI, you'll need an API key from a supported language model provider like OpenAI. You can obtain this key by creating an account on the provider's platform and following their process for API access. Once you have your API key, you can easily integrate it into the SleekAI plugin through the WordPress admin dashboard, enabling the plugin to communicate with the language model services.


SleekAI is offered as a lifetime license, meaning you pay once for the plugin and can use it indefinitely. However, while there are no recurring costs for the plugin itself, you should be aware of potential recurring API usage costs. These costs are billed by the language model service provider (like OpenAI) based on your usage. It's important to monitor your API usage to understand and manage these ongoing costs.


The costs associated with using the API through SleekAI depend on the pricing model of your chosen language model service provider. For instance, OpenAI charges based on the number of tokens processed, with different rates for various models and features. These costs can vary widely based on the volume and complexity of the requests made through SleekAI. It's advisable to consult the provider's pricing page for detailed information and to estimate costs based on your expected usage. As a reference: during initial development of this plugin (thousands of requests and tokens), the total monthly cost was $1.08.


SleekAI doesn't impose a limit on the number of users that can interact with the plugin on your WordPress site. However, the actual usage capacity may depend on your hosting environment and the plan you have with your language model service provider. High traffic and usage might require more robust hosting solutions and higher API usage tiers.


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