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Chats are the cornerstone of SleekAI. Essentially, they act as a mini ChatGPT within your WordPress admin area.

Chat interface in SleekAI

After configuring your API key, no further setup is required to start utilizing Chats.


Tags help categorize your Chats, making it easier to organize and filter them in the Chats list. Multiple tags can be assigned to a single Chat.

To modify a Chat's tags, click the three-dot button in the top-right corner of the Chat and use the select control to add or create new tags.


Prompts are the questions or statements you present to the AI. SleekAI offers a collection of default prompts to help you get started with. Additionally, you can craft your own prompts on this page:


Edit the placeholder with your site URL, it will be saved for the next time you visit.


Placeholders enable the inclusion of dynamic content in your prompts. They serve to populate your prompts with user-specific input.

To integrate a placeholder into a prompt, enclose the placeholder name within percent signs (%). For instance, a sample prompt using a placeholder would be:

            *I want you to emulate %character% from %movie/book/anything%. Respond and
    converse as %character% would, using their tone, mannerisms, and vocabulary.
    Provide responses only as %character% without any explanations. Assume you
    possess all the knowledge of %character%. Start with the sentence '%sentence%'.*