Chat with AI right from your WordPress dashboard.

Engage in limitless conversations and empower an unlimited number of users to interact with AI seamlessly using your own OpenAI API key.

SleekAI chat screenshot

Feature-rich integration.

SleekAI elegantly intertwines with WordPress core, utilizing Custom Post Types and Taxonomies to store and manage data, blending advanced AI capabilities with the familiar WordPress environment.

Prompt building made easy.

Choose from over 150+ prompts or create your own using a smart placeholder system. Whether you're crafting a simple query or an intricate dialogue, the power to personalize is at your fingertips.


Other features at a glance:

Chat settings


Temperature, model and base instruction - tailor the conversation to your needs.

Chat tags


Tag and categorize existing chat conversations for improved organization and easier grouping.

Chat dark mode

Dark Mode

Let's be honest - the WordPress ecosystem is long overdue dark-mode ready plugins.

Buy once, use forever.

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