Integrate custom chatbots into your WordPress site with ease.

Transform your website with AI-driven chatbots. Enable your users to experience personalized conversations by leveraging data from custom fields or post content in your prompts, all utilizing your own OpenAI API key.

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All the tools for effective chatbots right inside your dashboard.

Data variables

Retrieve specific data from your WordPress site and store them as variables for use in instructions. Supported data types include custom text, post title, post content, post meta, taxonomy, term, user, and user meta.

Dynamic instruction

Craft custom instructions with your predefined variables to form custom chat prompts. By defining placeholders like {content} or {brand}, you empower your chatbot to deliver information that is tailored to the individual query and current conversation.

Display conditions

Refine your chatbot's visibility with custom conditions, ensuring it appears at just the right moment. Set parameters based on post type, user login status, user roles, among other criteria, to strategically display your chatbot for maximum impact.

Widget customization

Personalize your chatbot widget to match the look and feel of your brand. Tailor everything from the chat button's text and color scheme to the welcome message, ensuring a seamless integration with your site's design aesthetic.

Go beyond the UI with a
first-class programmatic API.

          'data' => [
            'variables' => [
              'name'    => wp_get_current_user()->display_name,
              'content' => get_the_content(),
              'brand'   => get_field('brand')
            'instruction' => 'You are a chatbot on my site,
                              the content of the current page is {content}.
                              The brand of the current product is {brand}.
                              Currently, you are chatting with a customer called {name},
                              help him to solve his problem.',


Use the same approach as in the admin interface to render chatbots using a PHP function.

                // Open chatbot after 5 seconds
        setTimeout(() => {
        }, 5000);

        // Custom close button
        document.querySelector('.sleek-ai-chatbot__close').addEventListener('click', () => {

JavaScript API

Go fully custom and use the JavaScript API to open and close the chatbot programmatically.

Chatbots with all the features.

Chatbots function similarly to Chats found in the admin dashboard. Just like those, they support a variety of features including code blocks, lists, and other formatting options.


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