Effortless   animations   for   WordPress.

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Works   with   any   page   builder   and   beyond.

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Animate   any   value   without   limits.

Reponsive   animations?   Just   @dd   it.

Stagger   multiple   elements   with   ease.

Create   timelines   using   a   simple   syntax.

Animate   elements   on   scroll   with   ease.


SleekMotion is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create animations without writing complex code. Instead, animations are created using a concise syntax inside of CSS classes. This makes it very easy to maintain animations since they are directly tied to the HTML elements they animate. On top of that, animations can easily be shared and copied between pages or projects.


SleekMotion is based on the Glaze. It is developed by Dennis, the creator of sleek.so. Glaze uses GSAP under the hood, which is widely considered as the most powerful animation library for the web.


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